George discovers the magic of film noir. After a small accident he wakes up to find himself thinking he is Humphrey Bogart. Now, he has to live up to his old idol and become the real Humphrey Bogart. Can he?

2017 | Greece | 28’ | DCP | Color
2:35:1 | Greek (English Subtitles)

Drama National Film Festival 2017
Dea Open Air International Film festival 2017
FerFilm International Film Festival 2017
Athens International Film Festival 2017
Humphrey Bogart Film noir Festival 2017
The Monthly Film Festival - TMFF - November 2017 (Nominated for Best film, cinematography and original score)
TISFF - Semi Finalist - 2017
Los Angeles CineFest 2017

Pavlos Iordanopoulos
Iliana Mavromati
Kostas Xikominos
George Vouros
Klimis Ebeoglou
Aggeliki Zisoudi
Maria Olga Parasiri
Giota Vitetzaki
Eleftheria Konstantopoulou

written, directed and produced by Steven Gekas
director of phtography Fanourios Kazakis
production designer Danai Elefsinioti
location sound Dimitris Boom Demirakos
sound mixing Ilias Flammos
edited by Alexis Quantas
colorist George Tsirogiannis
original score George Gaudy